10 easy tips for men style

Who said that you have to follow every fashion show in every corner of the planet to keep yourself updated with the latest trends? Let me burst that bubble and tell you that it is all a myth! In reality, there are many ways that you can look stylish with minimal effort.

Now, you are probably wondering if there are simple fashion hacks available for men. If so, then why has nobody written or spoken about them until now? Viola! The day has finally arrived, my boy. I will grace your day with some practical styling tips that you might not find that easily on the web.

1. Alter the basics

Evaluate your wardrobe and check which styles you have adopted over the years. Flip them a bit! Have you ever ditched your regular buttoned shirt for a denim shirt with snaps? Have you ever worn a spread collar instead of that button-down shirt? Do you sometimes switch your polo t-shirts with graphic tees? If the answer to any (or all) of these questions is no, then it is time to bring in some basic alterations.

2. Say ‘Goodbye’ to the T-Shirt

I have noticed that many men wear a white t-shirt underneath their collared shirts. Trust me men, that is 50's style. In this era, where everybody is showing off their physique and your counterparts are welcoming the change, you do not need to wear a tee under your shirt. Unless of course, you are planning to keep your shirt’s buttons open or your shirt is see-through, it is best to go commando.

3. The Color of Your Socks Matter

I guess men always have a problem with their socks. Either they cannot find the socks belonging to same pair or they find it difficult to figure out which pair to wear with which attire. So, today I am going to tell you a simple rule: your socks should not match with your shoes. They can match with any other piece of your attire (preferably pants), but never your shoes.

4. Your Tie Should be Toned Down

Is there an important formal event coming up on your calendar? Well, most of you would be thinking that you tie have to be the highlighting factor of your suit. The truth is that your tie needs to have casual feel at times. At some occasions, you need to tone down your tie a bit and let your suit speak of your style.

5. Add Some Colors to your Wardrobe

Is your wardrobe just about whites, blues and grays? It’s time to add some colors to it. With so many shades in men’s wear being available now, you can experiment with different color groups. But before that, let’s make it a deal to not stereotype any color. Pink is as much a man’s color as blue and black.

6. Loosen it Up

You don’t always have to look like you are going for a corporate meeting or a job interview. Just loosen up sometimes and I am sure you will rock that style too. Remember! Wearing a tie doesn’t always mean that you have to be buttoned up till the top, you can keep the first two buttons of your shirt open too and let your tie hanging there. It looks just as cool.

7. Shine Up Your Shoes

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘A man is known by his shoes and not attire?’ Well, many people believe in it and follow it too. So, make sure that your shoes are always perfect! I am certainly not asking you to purchase a new pair every time you shoes start looking dirty or dull, but investing in the natural shoe shiner will certainly not cost you much.

8. Look at Your Accessories

This might sound like a girl’s thing and you might be ready with the argument in your head that you don’t wear accessories. Hold on and let me tell you, your belt and shoes are also counted as the accessories! Make sure they both match with each other.

9. Go the Jimmy Choo Way

For once, go to a footwear store and try a pair of ankle boots. I am almost sure that they would look good on you, no matter what size or shape you are. There is simply nothing more sophisticated looking and unfussy pair of men footwear than ankle boots.

10. Gift Yourself a Leather Jacket

If you don’t own a leather jacket yet then it is time you buy yourself a surprise gift right now. A leather blazer or jacket is a must for every man of any age. And unlike your other items, a leather jacket will improve with age.

All I can say is there are dozens of more styling tips like these which I can give you but unless you try and see what suits you, you won’t be able to get the confidence that a fashionably updated person has. Be Stylish, Be You!